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You’ve sprung a leak somewhere but you don’t know where it’s coming from? Sometimes finding the leak is tougher than fixing the leak. Expert Plumbing Service is able to determine and detect most water leaks and offer solutions for all types of repairs.  For those hard-to-find leaks, we offer a state of the art leak detection process to identify hidden leaks in slabs or concrete flooring.  Leaks left undetected can cause major problems, damaging walls, ceilings, flooring and lead to mold or mildew issues.  Hiring one of our “Expert Plumbers” to make the needed repair is all that you’ll need for peace of mind!

Reasons for Water Leaking

Leaking water piping can happen for a variety of reasons. Take a look at the list below for the problem and it’s cause:
  • Galvanized Water Piping. Up until the early to mid 80’s galvanized domestic water pipe and fittings were the norm in both commercial and residential plumbing. As these building age we have found that galvanized piping is not the best product for water piping. The inside of the pipe oxidizes and rusts over time. What happens is this rust builds up on the walls of the piping, slowly choking down the flow rate. It’s the most common reason for lack of water pressure in single family homes and commercial building with a galvanized domestic water distribution system.
  • Frozen Water Piping. Homeowners and building owners usually know when they have a pipe freeze that springs a leak. However, we find it’s always what happens to the rest of the domestic water system that proves tricky. Frozen pipes may spring a leak in one place but weaken the pipe walls in 50 other places. Believe us we’ve seen it happen quite often. If you have a frozen water line call Expert Plumbing Service to give you peace of mind.
  • Poor workmanship.  I know no one likes to think about having poor workmanship done in their home, but the fact of the matter is it happens all the time. Maybe a plumber missed a joint while soldering, or maybe the torch got too hot and burned the flux or even sucked the solder past the joint. If you have a galvanized system a joint could have been cross threaded or the threads were bad. There are several reasons why a system could fail and quite a few are human error.

If you have signs of a leak on your premises, then give us a call today and let one of our technicians investigate the situation before it becomes a problem.
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