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Expert solution of Frozen Pipe in USA Call Us: +1-844-290-8970

For Expert Solution of Frozen Pipe in USA Call Us:  +1-844-290-8970

Frozen pipes are one of the most distressing problems a homeowner can encounter. Here’s how to prevent freezing pipes and how to un-freeze pipes if you’re in a fix.
Freezing can create leaks because the frozen water expands and cracks the copper tubing. Not only do you have little to no water supply, but when the pipes do thaw out, you can have some serious leaks to repair. 

Now you know why pipes freeze, but you need to know how to prevent it from ever happening. You can prevent frozen pipes by:
  1. Fully draining water from water sprinkler supply lines as per manufacturer’s directions.
  2. Disconnecting garden hoses and storing them indoors.
  3. Closing any inside valves that supply water to outside faucets.
  4. Opening the outside valve, so if water does freeze it can expand without breaking the pipes.
  5. Insulating any pipes in areas that are not heated, such as the basement, crawl space or garage.
  6. Heating pipes with approved heat tape.
  7. Opening cabinet doors to allow heat to circulate.
  8. Knowing where the main water valve and the valve on your water heater are located.
  9. Closing all windows near water pipes.
  10. Covering and/or closing open-air vents near pipes.
  11. Heating your basement.
  12. Weather sealing your windows.
  13. Shutting off water supply valves to your big appliances if you plan on being away for a while.
  14. Making sure your home is at least 55°F even if you are leaving for the winter.
  15. Keeping garage doors closed during extreme cold.
  16. Relocating and paying special attention to exposed pipes that have caused trouble in past years.

If you experience frozen water pipes, contact our Roto-Rooter plumbing experts, who use professional pipe-thawing equipment. Call: 1-844-290-8970

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