Monday, 7 March 2016

Fix Frozen Pipes: Burst Water Pipe Repairs

Shark Bite’s push-fit affiliation system may be a fast DIY frozen pipe repair resolution that saves owners time, cash and headaches.
Its commonplace for owners to expertise a burst shisha throughout winter, particularly in “deep freeze” weather, once temperatures will hit below freeze. to not be taken gently, frozen pipes will cause major issues, together with water harm or loss of water till a artificer will fix the matterthat, in extreme climatic conditions, might be days.
Shark Bite helps owners fix frozen pipes on their own with no special tools or skills needed. Our versatile and cheap push-fit affiliation system works with nearly any size residential shisha for easy and convenient burst pipe repair. additionally, our product meet normal plumbing codes and square measure appropriate for permanent connections.
Just cut, push, done!
Couplings – simply connect new sections of pipe that will are broken owing to freeze.

Joint – Slip joint lock onto frozen pipes for a fast DIY repair of tiny frozen pipe breaks.

PEX conduit Paired with the Shark Bite push-fit affiliation system, our PEX conduit not solely provides a permanent fix for larger breaks, however its distinctive markings act as a visible aid for faster repairs.

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