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Plumbing issues, like burst pipes or blocked drains, will cause plenty of harm to your home and properties around you.  Taking the time to inform yourself along with your utility could save time, cash and potential harm within the future.  This leaflet explains the fundamentals parts of home plumbing systems and the way to deal with associate emergency.


There are variety of pipes and drains that connect individual homes to the water mains and public sewers. Wherever the pipe or drain is can confirm whether or not its repair and maintenance is that the responsibility of the individual owner or Scottish Water.  The follow list provides a general summary of who is accountable for what:

The water pipe runs from the sting of your property boundary to the stop faucet in your home. This might be a private provide pipe or a shared pipe.  In flats and older terraced homes it's seemingly the pipe are going to be shared. Homeowners are accountable for the repair and maintenance of water pipes.

The water communication pipe runs from the main in your street to the sting of your property boundary wherever it meets the stop faucet.  In some cases the faucet is also found at intervals the boundary of your property.  The water communication pipe is that the responsibility of Scottish Water to take care of, up to and together with the faucet (regardless of wherever it's situated).

A faucet is found at the tip of the communication pipe.  Scottish water is accountable for the upkeep and repair of the faucet, and therefore the meter if you've got one.

The main is that the public water into the native space.  Scottish Water is accountable for the repair and maintenance of this.

The stop valve or stop faucet is that the management for the water into your property. it's settled at intervals the boundary of your property, ordinarily at intervals your home.  It permits you to modify off your water if you're doing plumbing work or if a pipe bursts. It typically settled beneath the sink or during a garage if this can be wherever the mains provide enters your home.  The stop valve is your responsibility.

The non-public drain is that the pipe that removes waste water from your property (for example from your rest room and sinks).  It runs from your property up to your property boundary wherever it connects to the most public sewer.  The non-public drain is your responsibility.

The most public sewer collects the waste water from your non-public drain.  From there Scottish Waters immense network of sewers transport the waste water to waste water treatment works. Scottish Water are accountable for the availability, operation and maintenance of the general public sewer network.

We operate a 24-hour emergency helpline for an issue with water provides mains sewers and drains that they're accountable.


In the event of a plumbing emergency you must right away shut down the water if you'll, this can avoid additional harm. you must try and conclude a way to shut down the water currently, before associate emergency state of affairs arises. 

You can flip the water off exploitation the stop price (see above).  Once you've got settled the stop valve certifies you'll flip it on and off. flip anti-clockwise to open and dextrorotary to shut. Do that 3-4 times a year to confirm the valve isn't stuck.  If the valve is tight, a lightweight spray with WD40 on the spindle to stay it free.  Show everybody in your house wherever the stop valve is and the way to use it.

You may even have separate even have separate stop valves for pipes resulting in your laundry machines or alternative appliances.  There ought to even be valves within the pipes leading from the cold tank.

Outside the house there ought to be stop valves visible on the trail or come in the road.  These are usually called ‘tobies’ and are beneath metal plates on the pavement or road, there ought to be a W on the quilt. certify you'll raise the quilt off the toby fillpot jug. The faucet beneath may have a special water key to show it.  These are purchased from DIY stores or builders merchants.  If you reside during a apartment building or block of flats, there is also a series of tobies within the street. try and conclude that one belongs to that property and show your neighbours. You must solely shut down the water at the toby fillpot jug in associate emergency. 

If you can't notice stop valves or tobies, you must take into account obtaining them fitted in a straightforward to access location.  A pipe fitter is going to be able to advise you ways to travel concerning this.  Your plumbing and gas provides should be earthed for safety. Associate skilled worker ought to be able to check your fastening is adequate.


In the event of a burst pipe, shut down the water as near the tank as potential, or at the mains stop valve if necessary.  If you've got cut the water to any immersion heaters and quandary heaters certify you turn these off likewise.  Drain any unseaworthy pipes or tanks by turning on the tub and sink faucets.

Once the repair has been mounted dry the world well. Raise floor boards and floor coverings and eliminate any insulation between the ground and ceiling below.  Dry out any electrics before exploitation them once more. You must leave everything open and vented for as long as you'll.  If things don't seem to be drying out quickly enough you'll take into account rental a dehumidifier. Don’t be tempted to depart things damp as this will encourage dry or wet rot.


Any provide pipe that goes through associate unwarmed space like the roof or a garage ought to be insulated. You’ll obtain simple to use insulant product from DIY stores.  Tanks within the loft ought to even be insulated.  Roof insulation shouldn't go beneath the tank, there ought to a tiny low gap to permit a number of the warmth dead set stop the tank from chilling.


Water dripping from a pipe within the wall or beneath the overhang is maybe coming back from a w.c. overflow or vessel.  If you'll safely get access to the tank or w.c. cistern, raise the lid and check the condition of the valve. Once the water within the tank is high enough the ball float ought to rise, lifting the arm enough to shut a valve and stop a lot of water coming back in.  If the float has unsuccessful within the water, it'd have a leak in it.  If this can be the case you'll rest a chunk of wood across the highest of the tank to carry the ball out of the water. Build a hole to unfettered any water and seal a bag over the ball to prevent if filling up once more.  Floats will typically be screwed off the valve arm.

If the ball is floating property check to examine if there's associate adjustment screw that permits you to line the ball lower and stop the water springing up as high (2cms or an in. below the overflow outlet level is concerning right).  In older systems with a metal arm on the valve, you'll be able to bend the arm holding the ball. Watch out to not break it.


Try to notice the supply of the leak initial. It should be coming back from unseaworthy gutters, slipped slates, puncture leaks during a pipe or a broken appliance. Regardless of the cause, compass mounted initial and so certify everything is well dried out.

The paintwork should still be broken even once the damp has dried out and you must seal it before repainting. Usually standard gloss paint are going to be enough.


Most drains and waste pipes have a U-bend (water trap) fitted.  The water lure ensures there's forever a region of pipe stuffed with water that stops smells springing up from the drains.  The lure will become blocked with bits of food or soap residue.

Sometimes, employing a plunger can touch upon the matter. to cut back the danger of your pipes changing into blocked strive to not let any food go down your sink, frequently check the filter in your washer and run your dishwasher while empty. Don’t empty a chip pan, or pour alternative fat down the sink.

Sinks typically have a removable lure beneath them.  If you're thinking that your pipe is blocked at the water lure you'll try to clear the blockage. place the infix the sink and place a bucket beneath the lure.  Unscrew the lure and clean it out.  Flush the total system through with quandary and soda. don't use chemical cleaners as these will cause harm.

Outdoor drains even have traps and these may have to be cleansed out. you'll do that by hand or by employing a piece of wire clothes hanger or similar.  Use smart quality rubber gloves to safeguard your hands.  If you're thinking that there is also any dangerous or sharp objects within the lure don't try and clean it yourself, decision a pipe fitter.

If unblocking the lure doesn't work you'll have to be compelled to access the pipe elsewhere exploitation rods or a water jet to get rid of the blockage. Decision a pipe fitter for additional recommendation before you try this.  Some specialist drain firms supply twenty four hour decision outs.


Blocked gutters will cause water spilling over that soaks walls and causes damp patches.  Clean your gutters yearly to stop this from happening.  If you've got trees near you’ll have to be compelled to clean the gutters over once a year. You’ll want to suit a wire ball or especially factory-made leaf guards at the highest of the gutter outlet pipe to assist forestall blockages occurring.

Gutters and downpipes may spill and cause damp patches.  Broken sections of pipe ought to get replaced; however you'll be able to build a short lived repair with a repair answer offered from DIY stores.  Get the proper quite answer for the pipe that you simply have (plastic, Al or iron).  If you are doing not feel assured doing this yourself get knowledgeable in, notably if you would like to figure at height.


Try to certify you've got contact details for the homeowners of the flats on top of associated below you and provide them your details so that they will contact you within the event of an emergency. keep in mind the owner might not be the occupier, if the property is rented out it's a decent plan to urge contact details for the owner or agent.  The tenant ought to have a duplicate of a letter or residency agreement with contact details for the one who deals with repairs to the property.  If you can't get this info, contact the non-public Sector Housing Team to debate a way to get contact details for a personal property owner or agent.

If there's a leak from your neighbour’s property, get in touch with them.  If they're not in leave a note asking them to urge involved with you.  If the leak is serious, you'll have to be compelled to take into account turning the water off till they come back.  If there's a private stop valve switch the water off. You must forever leave a note rental your neighbour grasp what you've got done.

If the leak isn't containable, and you can't switch the water off contact the Council.  In associate emergency the Environmental Protection Team is also able to serve a notice, apply for a warrant and force entry to the flat to prevent the leak.  Environmental Protection is contacted on 01620 827365/827213.
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